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When I was little, I would scribble. Paper or walls; it was an insatiable urge. They said I showed signs of promise and so I kept working – even harder. That is art. An ongoing summation of ideas, sketches, paintings, anything

Surreal Art Elephant Piano by Elena Movileanu . Elena Movileanu is a surreal artist based in Saskatoon. Buy surreal art at

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Hybrid Aesthetic Spaces

Art that encompasses the soul

Using a variety of media, such as oil, acrylics, lead and watercolor, E. Movileanu specializes in a variety of painting techniques. Sometimes the line between the media would fade out when watercolor finds its place in a graphite drawing, or pastel scribbled over an acrylic coating. E. Movileanu's art transcends beyond decorative and aesthetic, her art acquires an edible functionality through her chocolate reliefs.

Contemporary  Artist in Canada

As a Contemporary Artist in Canada, I focus on the art of today. Being part of a culturally diverse, technologically advancing world, my art is a combination of concepts, media and styles; primarily influenced by the challenging boundaries of the 21st century.  My painting technique, mostly subject to the study of realism, transcends the barriers between dream and reality, and adopts a cultural dialogue that concerns personal identity, family and dreams.

My art is my visual language, a personal way I express myself – through my lines, colors, tones and textures. I combine them to express my view on the reality surrounding me.

Bespoke Conveyances

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Custom portraits by Elena Movileanu, local artist based in Saskatoon.


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